THG Electrical

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Hackney where THG did various electrical work


Some 18 months ago, we commissioned Thomas Humphrys-Glynn of THG Electrical to undertake various general electrical work for us at Hackney. We have known Thomas for some time and have come to trust him.

In response for Thomas to fulfill our request for a split system air-conditioning unit to an upstairs bedroom, he said he would use the services of a specific individual in his broader organisation to ensure the job was done right, first time. Thomas is aware of our need for top-notch service and care of our property.

We found the service able, competent, friendly and genuine. Over time, Thomas (and some of his team) have established rapport and trust with my wife & I (an important thing to do if he is to work inside our home) and he delivered as usual a very professional job. It was important to us that the job was finished well, that from any perspective, it was neat and tidy and as much in keeping with our property as possible.

I guess our satisfaction with this work was that when my wife needed two air-conditioners for the childcare centre she directs, we again sort out Thomas. This work needed to be approved by the governing council against two other quotes.

The job was done in her absence, (over school holidays and so trust was a large consideration) the work place was left spotless and the job was AI OK.

I have recommended THG Electrical to a colleague property owner and he now undertakes all of his work.

Thomas is a young man who takes his work seriously and exhibits personal pride in what he and his tam undertakes. I would be pleased to add to this written testimonial should that help someone else enjoy the service and outcome we have enjoyed.

Rex Buckingham