Electrician And Electrical Repairs In Modbury - Things To Know

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Electrical Repairs For Your Home

An electrician specialises in everything electrical, from installing a new electrical system to maintaining existing electrical components. Before you conclude that an electrician is just a handyman who performs household electrical repair and wiring, know that electricians are highly trained and equipped in things like electricity. They are simply not average Joes.

So, when it comes to matters of electricity, always work with the pros. Now let us talk about the common electrical issues that homeowners usually face. It can be something as simple as a flickering light or serious as an electrical fault that will require rewiring.

Electrical Surges

You are seated on the sofa enjoying your favourite TV show or maybe just relaxing on the couch, and suddenly, the lights go off and come on again, the same with your television and other equipment connected to power at that time. That right there is a power surge.

Electrical surges occur due to bad wiring, damaged power lines, and faulty electrical machines. While a surge in power is harmless to humans, if it happens frequently, it could damage your delicate electronics and other electrical components in your home and even cause a fire.

Light Switch Not Working

A faulty light switch is one of the most common electrical problems homeowners experience. It can be as a result of poor wiring or low-quality materials used during wiring. It may be an easy fix like replacing a broken switch. But as simple as this sounds, do not DIY. Instead, get an electrician to look into it.

Electrical Shocks

At some point, you probably have experienced a slight electric shock at the tip of your finger while turning a switch on or off. That could be due to bad wiring, or the appliance plugged in is faulty. We all know that one can die from electrocution. So, no matter how small the shock, it should not be taken lightly. Get a professional electrician to detect and fix the problem immediately.

Recessed Light Flickering

Recessed lighting or downlighting involves installing a special light bulb into a hole in the wall or ceiling, making the light shine downward like a floodlight or spotlight. Usually cylindrical, recessed lights are designed so that a safety device cuts off power to them when they overheat.

The flickering can be caused by a light bulb with high wattage or just that the ceiling insulation is very close to the bulb. You can try checking for excessive heat. However, for further inspection, engage an electrician.

Other common household electrical issues include:

• Frequently tripping circuit breakers

• A light too bright or too dim

• Light bulbs are unable to last long

• Expensive electricity bills

How Much Do Electricians Charge?

There are lots of electrical companies in Modbury, SA, that deal in electrical installation and maintenance. The cost of electrical services varies depending on the work being done and the materials being used. The price range for small electrical jobs can be between $140 and $420, while complex jobs cost around $2,000 to $6,000.

One significant factor that influences the price of electrical services is the experience level of the electrician. An apprentice with little to no experience is most likely to charge less, whereas a more experienced electrician would charge more. A master electrician will charge a higher amount than the other two because of their high expertise.

All in all, make sure to always contact your local electrician whenever you experience any electrical problem. Electrical faults are nothing to joke with, and your safety is of paramount importance.

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