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Unlike air conditioners, ceiling fans do not make the room you are in cooler. Rather, they make you and the people in the room feel cooler. AC and DC ceiling fans provide air circulation with a breezy and downdraft effect which creates a nice windy chill through the displacement of hot air by rapidly pushing it down while replacing it with cool air.

You might be surprised to know that room temperature is always constant before and after turning on the ceiling fan, whether it is a remote-controlled ceiling fan or a wall-controlled fan. When you turn on your fan, it provides you with cooler air hence your body reacts by generating more heat as you lose more heat thus resulting in a cooling effect.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Fan

If you are thinking of getting a ceiling fan for your house or business, there are a few things that you need to factor in before you call in someone to fix one.

• You need to know if you will be installing a ceiling fan inside or outside the house. If your choice is inside, you will have to find out which room in your home needs more airflow.

• The size and make of the room that you have chosen to install a fan in will affect the size of the fan and how the fan will be hanging from your ceiling. For instance, a room with a high ceiling means that you have to opt for a decent fan that you can hang from an extended down rod to get good air circulation and maximum effect from the ceiling fan.

• After deciding which room or part of your house needs a ceiling fan, you need to decide what the main purpose of the ceiling fan will be. Decide if you want a ceiling fan with light to add extra light in the room or something with CCT LED lighting to boost the ambience of the room all the same.

• Moreover, you can decide in which form you want your cooling fans to be. This is in relation to the blade pitch and number. Do you prefer timber blades or standard plastics blades, or even ABS blades?

• Consider how fast or slow you need your ceiling fans to rotate and the precise direction of the rotation.

• Factor in if you need a fan that has a remote or wall controller or just a ceiling fan that is more silent during operation. The choice is yours.

Now that you know which room you want a fan to be installed in, it's time to choose the specific fan that you prefer by functionality and purpose. You might want to install a DC ceiling fan with an efficient DC motor if you want to save energy consumption in your home or choose a more sophisticated and aesthetic fan to complement your décor such as a fan with a dimmable CCT.

If you opt for a ceiling fan with a dimmable CCT LED light, you can control the ambience of your room by playing with the light intensity. Another thing to consider when choosing a ceiling fan is the height of your ceiling, whether it is a high or low profile ceiling.

Once you have identified a great fan depending on your needs and preference then it is time for you to have it installed in your home. If you are not a DIY enthusiast, contact a great professional to carry out this task.

DC Ceiling Fans

DC fans are a great choice for you if you want to save on energy consumption. They can use around 60% less energy compared to AC motors. DC ceiling fans come in a more modern design which is quite silent when running; you will particularly love their quietness.

How DC Ceiling Fans Operate

For DC ceiling fans, electric current is run through a magnetic field coil which generates a magnetic force that creates the torque which turns the motor severally.

The motor of a DC ceiling fan is designed to be more energy-efficient than that of an AC motor fan. The process by which the motor operates makes it cool thus lengthening the fan's life span which is great news to you. Noise is almost eliminated and it has that modern and compact design that is smaller and lighter than the standard fan.

You will realise that DC ceiling fans are cooler and more modern ceiling fans making them suitable for your bedroom.

Ceiling Fan with CCT LED

First, you might be wondering what CCT means. Well, CCT stands for Colour Changing Technology. Fans with dimmable CCT LED lighting give you a range of interchangeable colour temperatures that you can regulate or blend to give you your preferred ambience. CCT LED ceiling fans allow you to set the light to the right colour at any moment.

You can choose from three ranges of temperature colour; daylight, cool white, and warm white. Rather than ceiling fan LED lights coming with just a single temperature, CCT affords you the luxury of an interchangeable option amongst various shades.

If you are not sure which temperature suits your room, CCT ceiling fans can grant you the flexibility to select which degree of colour temperatures that you prefer in a given space.

Understanding How Ceiling Fans Work

Your ceiling fan is made of a few crucial components. These are blades, a housed motor, and the fan controller that helps you switch the fan on or off and regulate the ceiling fan speed settings. If your room is relatively cooler you can set the fan to operate at a low speed and if it is hotter you can make it rotate at a higher speed.

Some fans are standard in nature with a housed motor and blades with a wall or remote controller. Some fans come with LED lighting that can help you boost the lighting of a given room in addition to giving it a cooling effect.

Here is how a standard fan works:

• When you switch it on, electricity goes to the fan’s motor through the appropriate electric cables and generates torque. The torque in turn gets the blades rotating thus providing airflow in the room.

• Using either your wall controller or remote controller, you can set your ceiling fan to give you different types of airflow as you desire. Downdraft is great for summertime. It gets air to move downwards while updraft which is great for wintertime gets air to move upwards.

• If your fan is coupled with an LED lighting kit, it will have two separate switches in the controller for you to set both the blade rotation speed and the lights. In a low-profile ceiling, your fan may come with pull cords hanging from the decorative ceiling.

By now you understand the basic principles of the working of a ceiling fan. The cooling sensation that you get when it is switched on can make you think that the room is becoming cooler. However, the main reason why you feel cool when the ceiling fan is running is that the downdraft air makes the perspiration on your skin evaporate faster and get rid of body heat that your body gives resulting in a cooling effect.

Troubleshooting Your Ceiling Fan

Your ceiling fan is made of many moving components that are constantly moving for so many hours. This constant movement may eventually lead to mechanical problems. You can however fix some of these problems, or call a professional to help you fix them. Here are some common issues that a fan can develop and how you can fix them.

Humming or Buzzing

If your fan develops this problem, all you need to do is ensure that your fan has no loose parts which might be knocking together to produce the buzzing or humming sound. If you cannot fix the issue call a technician to help you out.

Poor Airflow

Check out if your fan is in updraft or downdraft mode. Depending on what you need having the right mode will give you the right cooling condition in your home. Also, make sure that your fan’s motor is not too small for the room.

Wobbling Fan

A wobbling fan is not a pretty thing at all. When your fan is wobbling while rotating, it probably has loose bolts or screws which makes the fan quite unbalanced. Therefore, you have to tighten the loose bolts or screws. You can also fix this issue by purchasing an affordable balancing kit and installing it.

Bad Lighting

If your fan’s lights do not function properly, ensure that the wires are well connected.

Some of the Best Ceiling Fans in Australia

Fanco Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fan

This fan comes with blades that have a diameter of 52 inches. If you love the colour white, then this is the right fan for you. Furthermore, it has incredible inbuilt smart technology that gives you great control of its decent output. The fan also has an incredibly broad spectrum airflow with higher airflow when going on higher speed and has low rotation per minute at low speed. You will also discover that the Fanco Eco Silent Deluxe DC Ceiling Fan comes with ABS blades with other parts having electrocoated metal.

Such a fan is suitable as your bedroom ceiling fan but it also works well outdoors and in your living room area. It is also great for coastal areas.

Fanco Infinity iD DC Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan also comes with a smart remote control capability. It comes in white with 54-inch blades. The fan is suitable for covered outdoor areas, indoors as well as coastal areas. The fan comes with six speed options to give a powerful to gentle airflow depending on your preference.

The fan can operate in both DC and AC motor modes. To be compatible with AC electrical systems, it has an internal converter. However, you cannot plug it directly into a DC power source. The Fanco Infinity iD DC Ceiling Fan is sleek in design with electroplated metal components together with ABS blades.

Note: Since both Fanco fans are smart fans, you can either use a handheld remote controller or the Tuya Smart app on your smartphone to control their function.

Claro Whisper DC Ceiling Fan

If you need a fan that can add extra lights and adjustable lighting to your space, this fan is a great choice for you. It comes with dimmable CCT LED lights with 52-inch white blades. Its blades are three ABS plastic blades that are lightweight with a modern feel. It is remote-controlled and has a range of 6 speeds with reversible fan capabilities through your remote control.

The Claro Whisper DC Ceiling Fan has an energy-efficient DC motor that powers its three ABS blades. This fan is great for your living room and bedroom ceiling.

Claro Summer DC Ceiling Fan

The Claro Summer DC Ceiling Fan has four white 48-inch timber blades. It is ideal for indoors: mostly suitable for your bedroom, but you can also install it outdoor where there is an undercover. The fan has a DC motor used to provide torque to its four blades. You cannot however plug it directly into a power source. Thanks to its internal inverter, it is also compatible with your normal AC electrical system.

Its energy-efficient DC motor utilises about 19.5 watts to operate at high speed. The fan has six speeds for you to choose from. It also has a reverse function that complements your heater during winter.

Get the Ceiling Fan of Your Choice

Ceiling fans come in different styles and modes. If you need a fan to provide a cooling effect to your space, the ceiling fans mentioned above can do so. The beauty is that some of these ceiling fans can also accessorise your spaces or even provide extra lighting. If you are still unsure about which fan is most suitable for a given space in your home, contact a qualified ceiling fan professional to guide you in choosing what best suits your space. Moreover, they can help you install it properly.

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