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You may have just finished your new commercial construction project or be moving your office to a new location. Getting new office spaces all set up actually takes some doing. You must ensure the lighting and plumbing fixtures are well set up. You also need to make sure that your commercial space is fully functional. That's where electrical fit outs come in.

Keep reading to learn what office fit outs and commercial electrical fit outs are. This blog post discusses the stages of fit outs, types of commercial fit outs, and what electrical fit outs for office spaces entail.

You can also learn the steps for a smooth commercial electrical fit out process, tips to achieve the best electrical fit-outs and fit-out mistakes you should avoid. This post concludes with commercial fit out services to expect from electrical contractors. Continue reading for more information!

What are Office Fitouts?

Office fit outs are what you do when you change commercial spaces and make them usable as office environments. This means you will set up structural features and design and install electrical systems for the space.

Fitout processes include designing and completing interior spaces to make them suitable for occupation. It also includes processes such as planning, design, compliance with building codes, construction, and finishing touches.

What are Commercial Electrical Fitouts?

An electrical fitout is a component part of regular commercial fitouts. You naturally need to have electricity for your office or retail space to run smoothly. Commercial electrical fit outs aim to create an excellent electrical system for smooth and efficient office work.

As such, you need the services of experienced commercial electricians to help you create such an ideal system. They can competently fit out large offices and commercial buildings to ease your move.

Stages of Fitouts

Here is a brief highlight of the various stages of fit outs:

• Meticulous planning takes place as a pre-construction activity. Here, site inspection assesses existing infrastructure like power outlets and ventilation systems.

• Fit-out construction involves installing lighting fixtures, heating, plumbing, and interior walls. The workspace is branded, and advertising materials are displayed.

• During post-construction activities, a thorough inspection takes place. Safety standards are assessed, and the business owner is handed over. Payments are also settled.

Types of Commercial Fitouts

Commercial fit outs are generally of three types – shell and core, CAT A, and CAT B.

Shell and core fit-outs

As the name implies, a shell and core fit out refers to a space framework that functions as a literal shell and core ready to receive necessary office elements.

CAT A fit-outs

This is what is usually obtainable when you rent a commercial space. The minimal unit has basic utilities like plumbing and electrical wiring.

CAT B fit-outs

Cat B fit outs go on to include your brand and company needs. It is a functional and aesthetic upgrade on CAT A, Shell, and Core fit outs.

What Electrical Fit-Outs for Office Spaces Entail

Electrical fit outs include the following activities:

Switchboard installations

Many people consider electrical switchboards the heart of commercial spaces and the foundation of electrical systems. Commercial electricians will usually install new switchboards before performing other electrical installations. Similarly, you may need switchboard upgrades if your new offices have faulty switchboards.

Safety switch installations

It is a national regulation for you to install safety switches in commercial properties before you can work on them. Your commercial electrician will be sure to do this to prevent electrical hazards.

Lighting setups 

Your commercial office space will most likely need special lighting and power outlets, depending on your type of business. For instance, regular office spaces may need practical fluorescent lights, while retail spaces will need brighter lights.

Smoke alarm and security system installation 

Your commercial electrician must perform electrical work to install a security system before you move in. They may also install security cameras and sensor lighting. These smoke alarm installations will help protect you and your employees, the property, and your equipment.

Tips to Achieve the Best Electrical Fitouts

• Get a comprehensive commercial office fit out quote from your fit out contractor before the project begins.

• Plan out your office layout. Markdown areas for specific lighting.

Work with your commercial electrician to optimally use your budget for the best lighting and electrical installations.

• Decide what data cable your commercial space will need for the electrical fitout.

• Remember to use your electrical fitout to reflect your brand identity.

• Make creative use of lighting, office furniture, and your finishing touch. The entire space should reflect your brand's mood and tone.

Steps for a Commercial Electrical Fitout

Step One: Answer the 5' W questions'

• You should know "Where the commercial fitout should be" and familiarise yourself with the commercial space before you move in.

• Your answer to the "Why you need the office fit out" question should help clarify your reasons and objectives.

• You should know "What kind of electrical work needs to be performed." Identify electrical tasks such as alarm system installation and installation of lighting.

• Similarly, you must know "When the fit out needs to be finished." Setting a realistic timeline for your fit-out process helps simplify the commercial fitout process.

• Be particular about "Who performs the commercial electrical fitout." Be sure to choose a licensed and qualified electrical team.

Step Two: Implement system designs according to your priorities

You can consider upgrading lighting and temperature control to more efficient technologies. Get specific on power and data connection needs for workspaces. It would be best to ensure you have enough safety switches. Specify the best points for the installation of air conditioners and thermostats. An efficient operation schedule can help ease this step of the fit out process.

Step Three: Implement business continuity plans during the fit-out

Your business does not need to be at a standstill during the electrical fitout. You need to maintain staff productivity and retain customer satisfaction. As such, you may leave key departments undisturbed during important business hours. You also need to be able to maintain communication with clients.

Step Four: Prioritise electrical safety

You are legally obliged to follow electrical safety laws. This way, you can avoid legal consequences such as fines and costly lawsuits. You should, therefore, ensure you obtain a certificate of electrical safety for your electrical equipment. Likewise, be sure to provide fire services, emergency exits, and smoke alarms.

Fit Out Mistakes You Should Avoid

• Hasty planning: Avoid hasty planning, which can cause poor office layout designs and budgeting.

• Rigid planning: Make accommodations for future business growth.

• Copying other office designs: Your business is unique, so make your office space unique.

• Signing a vague contract: Be clear on responsibilities rather than assume the landlord will handle everything.

What to Expect from Electrical Contractors

It would help to thoroughly research before choosing a fit-out company for your electrical fitout projects. You should check out their commercial and domestic electricians' project portfolios, capability statements, and experience levels.

Here are services relating to commercial fit outs that you may expect from your electrical contractor.

• Renovation fit outs

• Ongoing electrical maintenance

• Dental fitouts

• Shop fitouts

• Restaurant fitouts

• Café fitouts

• Bar fitouts

• Retail fitouts

• Hospitality fitouts

• Veterinary fitouts

• Salon fitouts

• Childcare fitouts

• Gym fitouts

• Medical fitouts

• Pharmacy fitouts

Commercial Electricians Can Help With Fitouts

This guide on electrical fit-outs has discussed what electrical fit-outs are, the stages of fit-outs, types of commercial fit-outs, and what electrical fit-outs for office spaces entail. You also learned tips to achieve the best electrical fit-outs, steps for a smooth commercial electrical fit-out process, and commercial fit-out services to expect from electrical contractors.

Be sure to hire the right electrical company for your commercial electrical fitout. Working with professional electrical contractors is the best way to ensure your residential and commercial electrical fitout needs are met.

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